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Friday, March 25, 2011

Could Be Worse!

Today's Weight - 208.1 (No Change)
It could be much worse - so I am encouraged by the "no change".  I kind of lost my motivation in the late afternoon, yesterday, and had chips and dip, and two hamburgers for dinner.  Oh yeah, and Coke.  So I am pretty thankful that I didn't gain some more back!  I was good for breakfast and lunch, so I guess that kept me from going up.  I am going to try to behave better this weekend than I have lately, so that I can at least hold on to what I've accomplished.  

Thursday, March 24, 2011

...Well, Maybe....

Today's Weight - 208.1 (Up 0.6)
Yesterday I would have had to record a gain of 1.5 pounds - hence, the absence of yesterday's journal entry.  I know I should go on and record those unpleasant days too, so that maybe I can figure out what triggers my nosedives.  But yesterday, I just didn't care.  
The day before yesterday was great - up until the point that I decided to go eat Mexican for dinner, instead of having the last fiber bar.  And I enjoyed dinner so much!  We sat outside on the patio, the weather was delightful, we laughed and had a great time!  Joy, Isaac, Addy, Joseph, Jenny, Joanna, and I.  I don't regret it - I just could have chosen something better from the menu, and avoided the cheese dip!  However, after seeing that it had cost me 1.5 pounds (yesterday morning), I pretty much threw everything out the window, and had an even worse day - I did behave for breakfast, but for lunch I had 12 Chic-Fil-A nuggets, fries, and a diet Dr. Pepper, and for dinner - two pieces of Tombstone pepperoni pizza, and a bowl of Dinty Moore beef stew with rice.  And I drank sweet tea all day.  And yet, this morning, my weight was back down 0.9 pounds.  Go figure!  I guess my gain of 1.5 the day before was only temporary.  
Anyway, I'm not giving up.  I'll just continue taking the slow route - like the tortoise who eventually won the race.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now I'm Back!

Today's Weight - 207.5 (Down 1.7)
Whew!  *Sigh of relief*  Now I'm back to being twenty pounds down!  I really think that eating early, and drinking water instead of sweetened beverages, are my two biggest allies.  I didn't really do very well for lunch yesterday!!  I went to the zoo with Joy and the kids, and instead of eating my fiber bar for lunch, we ate at the Wild Planet Cafe!  It smelled SO good!  I got a turkey and ham wrap instead of chicken fingers or pizza or a burger, but I had homemade potato chips with it!!   At least I had a diet coke instead of regular coke (although I should have had water!!).  But I made up for it by eating dinner early, and it was a small dinner - the fiber bar I had ignored at lunch!  I also exercised for about 50 minutes on the Wii last night.
I feel SO much better being back on track, and at least regaining my twenty-pound landmark!  And I love going to the zoo!!  It feels like a mini-vacation - the gorgeous tropical (or jungle) foliage, and such nice world music all over the zoo.  It was a gorgeous day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainy Days And Mondays...

Today's Weight - 209.2 (Up 1.1)
Sigh.  My eating binge, lasting five days, has cost me three-and-a-half pounds.  But here's the good news - I can take those three-and-a-half pounds back off this week, and then be well on my way down below 200, for the first time in more than almost four years.  So that is my plan - I have had more heartburn these last five days than I have had in two months!  Not good.  Plus I enjoy my new clothes and jewelry so much, and am SO looking forward to a fun summer, that there is no way I would give up.  I'm going in the right direction again.  :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Well.... Here I Am....

Today's Weight - 208.1 (Up 1.3)
*profound sigh*  Well, back on the roller coaster!  Somehow, this one's not as fun as the ones I love at Six Flags and Busch Gardens!!!!   You might notice I didn't record anything here yesterday.  That's always a bad sign.  (Unless I'm suddenly invited to go to the beach).  For days I had been craving something rich and cheesy - lasagna, or pizza....  but I didn't have any money!!!  So Wednesday, when I finally got my check!, I ate a BBQ bacon cheeseburger (with fries and a Coke!) from Steak N Shake.  Then we went to Golden Corral for dinner!!  Needless to say, my weight was up Thursday morning (when I didn't log in!) by 0.9 pounds.  And then yesterday, for lunch, I met Joy and Charles and kids at RED LOBSTER!!!  Two of those out-of-this-world-delicious cheddar biscuits!  and breaded seafood-stuffed tilapia, plus a baked potato with sour cream and butter and a salad with bleu cheese dressing!  And instead of skipping supper, like I intended, I had three pieces of Dominoes Pizza WITH Coke!!!  I was pretty surprised that this morning, I was only up 0.4 pounds from yesterday!  Of course I've been doing absolutely NOTHING active!  So actually, I am rather thankful that my backsliding didn't have even worse results.  (So very much like my spiritual backsliding - God always graciously intervenes before I slide too far).  
Well, I did enjoy everything I ate!  But the solid fact is - I also REALLY enjoy being twenty pounds lighter!!  (Well, almost twenty pounds! - since I re-gained some!!).  And I am REALLY looking forward to a great THIN healthy summer!!!  That I enjoy even more than I enjoy the food!!  Except for the seafood.  And actually, the seafood still goes hand-in-hand with a healthy life.  I do finally and sincerely prefer my seafood grilled - you can better taste and appreciate it that way, than battered and fried!  (Although battered and butterflied fried shrimp is still pretty close to the top of my favorite list!).  So I can be healthy, active, thin, and STILL eat my favorite foods in the world!  :)  Okay, that sounds like a plan! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Same Ol', Same Ol'...

Today's Weight - 206.8 (No Change)
I guess no change is better than a change in the wrong direction! Still suffering from extreme inertia. :/

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ides Of March

Today's Weight - 206.8 (Up 0.4)
Well, considering that I completely abandoned any pretense of healthy eating yesterday, I should be pretty thankful that it's not up more!  I had a Hot Pocket for breakfast (not even a Lean Pocket!) with sweet tea, and of course my usual cup or two of coffee, inadvertently skipped lunch, and for early dinner I ate a whole Totitnos Pizza!  (with sweet tea!).  I think today will be a better day than yesterday.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bummer... :p

Today's Weight - 206.4 (Up 0.7)
I don't know if it was drinking one-and-a-half glasses of sweet iced tea, or eating supper too late, but I'm up today....  blah.  Well, I know the highs can't last forever, and I was on such a high this past weekend that I knew I'd have to be starting downhill sometime soon!  It was beginning to feel a little precarious.  Oh well, I'm still enjoying the benefits of going down to give up!  :)  (It could also have been getting on the scale at different times yesterday and today!  Yesterday I didn't weigh in until after 11am, and today it was 7-something).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Six Good Days In A Row!!

Today's Weight - 205.7 (Down 1.3)
Yay!!  Down again!  And it's even the weekend!!!  Yesterday, I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and tuna sandwich (whole-grain bread, 1tsp olive oil mayo for the whole can of tuna) for lunch, with ice water and a cup of coffee.  I didn't intend to skip dinner, but the timing, and my lack of money, made it happen.  However, I made up the difference by having three drinks at the singles party I went to at the 57th Fighter Group!!!  (and I didn't buy any of them!!)  :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Ugh!!  Fighting with the photo manager again!!!
 Anyway, as you can see, I made it to my next mini-goal!!  Another ten pounds down, for a total of TWENTY!!!!!  Whooohoooooooo!  That feels like real, visible progress!!
Today's Weight - 207.0 (Down 0.7)
I'm so excited!!!  Perfect timing, as yesterday I had my first "date"!!  And tonight, I'm going to another singles party at the 57th Fighter Group!!  :)
So here are my first/ten down/twenty down measurements:
Bust              49       / 47      / 46
Waist            47       / 44      / 41.75
Hips              50      / 49       / 48
Thigh            28      / 27       / 25
Calf               17.75  / 16.25 / 15.75
Upper Arm  15.75 / 15.5   / 15
Forearm       12      / 10.5   / 10
Thursday, I had cereal with skim milk for breakfast, with coffee and water, a tuna sandwich (whole-grain bread, olive oil mayo) for lunch with water, and a fiber meal bar for dinner - and was down 2.2 pounds the next morning!  Yesterday, I had cereal again, with skim milk, coffee, and water for breakfast, salmon and steamed vegetables for lunch!  (lunch date!), and another diet bar for dinner, and snacked on some pretzels in between lunch and dinner.  I also had a piece of brown bread with butter at lunch, while waiting for our entrees to come out.  
I'm so excited with this progress, I think I'll be pretty good over the weekend!!  THIS IS FUN!!!  :)


Friday, March 11, 2011

yes Yes YES!!!!!!!!! OH YES!

Today's Weight - 207.7 (Down 2.2)
YES!!!!!  I am so excited!!!  Down 2.2 pounds, yet another new "low", and now only two-tenths of a pound away from being down twenty pounds!!  New pictures and measurements to compare, a trip to Charming Charlie (as soon as I have money!!) - and best of all, it feels so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!  (plus, I have a lunch date today!!)  This is worth every chili dog and french fry and gelatto I ever gave up!!!!  Thank you, Lord, for days like this, that are jewels on the strand that is my life!!  :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Low!!!! :)

Today's Weight - 209.9 (Down 0.9)
Yeah, I'll definitely take (almost) a pound down!!!  Yay!  A new low, and now I'm in single digits;  hopefully, only for a couple of weeks - then I'll be below 200 for the first time in four years!  When I think about how overweight that still is, it can be pretty discouraging.  But the fact that I'm feeling better and better as it goes down keeps me going!  Now, another 2.4 pounds and I'll FINALLY be at my next 10!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today's Weight - 210.8 (Down 0.4)
Yay!  Down another small amount - - - I'll take it!!  :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Going Down Again!

Today's Weight - 211.2 (Down 1.1)
Yay.  I am glad to be going down again.  I just wish I felt better!!  I would be more excited about it, and maybe I would want to go outside and exercise today.  I still have the remains of a migraine from last night, and the mysterious pain in by lower back/abdomen that makes it so hard to do anything.  But even as I record this, I'm beginning to feel a little better.  Maybe after a cup or two of coffee....
Yesterday I had a great time at the zoo with Joy and her kids!!!  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy being there.  The animals, and the beautiful landscaping, make you feel like you're traveling in another country.  I'm looking forward to going back!  :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Roller Coaster Weekend

Today's Weight - 212.3 (Up 1.1)
What an up-and-down ride this has been for the last several days.  For the life of me, I can't figure out why, when I got on the Wii this morning, my weight was actually down 1.1 from Saturday's high (which was up another 2.2 from Friday's!).  Bizarre.  If you think I voluntarily did anything to effect a weight loss yesterday, you are sadly mistaken.  I've been bad for several days....  Saturday morning, on the way to babysit at Johnny's, I had breakfast at Chick-Fil-A, then had a cinnamon-raisin bagel at Johnny's.  On the way home, we had lunch at Five Guys!!  TONS of the most delicious fries you ever bought at a food establishment.  For dinner, Jenny and I went to Joy's to get pizza - three pieces, plus Coke, and on the way to her house, I stopped and got a chocolate turnover from Arby's!!!  Then I had a huge omelet for breakfast/lunch yesterday, and then three pieces of leftover pizza (from Joy's) for dinner.  Coke and sweet tea all weekend.  And I just didn't really care.  But in spite of not caring too much, I'm getting back into the game today.  I'm very encouraged, and thankful, that all-in-all, over my long weekend, I'm only up a little over two pounds.  So maybe I'll be able to reach my next landmark ten, for a total of twenty pounds lost, sooner than I was anticipating.  4.8 pounds to go to get there, and I can do that in a week, if I can behave - through the good days and the bad days!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bleh :p

Today's Weight - 211.2 (Up 1.1)
Well, here I am again.  I didn't even want to log in yesterday, to record that my weight was up 0.7 pounds.  Instead, I ate three cinnamon rolls for breakfast, ChikFilA (including fries) for lunch, and soup and cornbread for dinner, and was actually surprised that this morning, after I convinced myself to get back on the Wii, I was only up another 0.4 pounds.  So a total gain of only a little over one pound.  Yesterday, even aside from having my weight go up, I just felt like crud.  And it went seriously downhill from there.  No graceful nose-dive this time, no.  Just nose-down, negative-G, screaming straight into the ground.  
But I feel - physically - so much worse today, that I'm going to get back into gear, whether I lose more weight or not.  No more coke or junk.  My back-or-whatever-it-is-in-there hurts so bad I can hardly sit/stand/walk/lay down.  And leg cramps!!!!!!   UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So we'll see what eating healthy can do about that.  And if I lose more weight, great.  I'll take it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So-So :/

Today's Weight - 210.1 (Down 0.4)
I know it's stupid of me to be anything but happy that my weight is DOWN, but I was so good yesterday it was almost painful, and I have only four-tenths of a pound to show for that?  But I know it was good in the long run.  I just need to be more patient!  And four-tenths of a pound down is better than staying the same, or being heavier!!
I can't figure out how to update my ticker, with Google Chrome (which is WAY faster than Firefox, btw) - I can't get my dumb Firefox to open!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Forgotten Meals...

I notice that I have kind of dropped the log I was keeping of what I eat, and that can be very helpful to go back and look at when I encounter something unexpected.  So I'm going to do that again, starting with today.  For breakfast, after taking the kids to school, I had a sandwich - I couldn't WAIT til lunchtime to have some of the Boar's Head Londonport Roast Beef that was on sale at Publix!  That is the best deli meat EVER!  I had a sandwich on whole-grain bread with a tsp of olive oil mayo, ice water, and a second cup of coffee.  (I also had a cup of coffee before taking the kids to school).  Since I had lunch for breakfast, I decided to have a "breakfast bar" for lunch!  I ate that at about 2:30, with ice water and a THIRD cup of coffee!  I look over all the specs on the different cereal/fiber bars at the store, and pick ones that are high in fiber and protein, and low in carbs and fat.  I ate an early dinner (about 5:30) of another roast beef sandwich, same as at lunch with the addition of kosher dill pickle slices, with ice water.  I also worked out for about an hour - 15 minutes on the Wii (the obstacle course is a workout!) and 45 minutes doing a fun Salsa "Dance Off The Inches" dvd.  Nothing but ice water since 6pm!  I'm going to shoot for doing that every night.  I know it's not always possible, but when I can, it helps so much!  It's better for the kids, too!

It's Getting More Exciting!!

Today's Weight - 210.5 (Down 2.0) !!!!!!  :)
Yippeeeeeee!  I feel like I am making some progress!  I'm beginning to be able to see it in the mirror!!  Down two pounds, making my total loss so far seventeen pounds!  Only three more to go, and I'll be down twenty, and I'll get my haircut and post new before/now pictures.  Oh, yes!!  It feels SO GOOD to be looking forward to a great summer!!!!!