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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's a Long Slow-Moving Trip

Well, it's hard to make progress when absolutely NO effort is made....
My journey back to good health, perhaps, needs to begin with my spiritual health. My physical health would then more naturally follow. I think I will try again - this time, spending at least as much effort on my spiritual fitness as I do on my physical fitness.
Obviously, I did not reach my short-term goals, and this long delay will probably keep my from making my original long-term goal, but we shall see.
First, I need to get rid of sugar in my beverages. If I can just make one small change in my diet (for the better) at a time, I can make progress towards my goal. So Change #1 - Drink water! Coffee is okay too, and unsweetened tea, but mostly water. After I get that one down, I will move on to a new change.