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Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Try

Today's Weight - 214.1 (No change)
Not doing too well with all the chaos going on, so I'm fairly thankful that I wasn't up this week.  I am really looking forward to being in the new house!!  Also looking forward to starting school July 6!!  :)
It will probably be difficult to be as careful as I should be this week, since I'm packing up the kitchen, but I am going to try.  It might also be difficult to find the time to exercise, but I know I'll need a break now and then - if I will only take my break outside, instead of in front of the computer!!!
Also, Joy has shown me a new website that helps keep track of nutrition, exercise, and helps keep you motivated!!!  So here is a link to my blog on SparkPeople.com  - 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back Again...

Today's Weight - 214.1 (Up 1.4)
Definitely not bad, taking into consideration how completely undisciplined I've been.  Every bit as bad as if I had never begun.  And for about a month.  Lots of stress, knowing that in June 1)we HAVE to move, and 2)my income decreases by $300 a month.  Also, very unsure (and discouraged) about whether or not I can get a job, and whether my financial aid was going to come through for starting school on July 6.  
Now, I'm breathing a little easier - we have found a house, and if I can make it through the financial hardship of all the deposits, I think I'll make it - especially if I can get a job!  I have a little more optimism (today, at least) about finding something.  And I found out that my financial aid is ready to go!  Registration is tomorrow, and I am looking forward to doing something towards being independent.  So now I am wanting to get back on track, and take off this ridiculous excess weight.  Already, I've been feeling crummier, and not sleeping as well, just with the little more I've regained.  (I am SO thankful it wasn't more - I was expecting to be back up around 220).
It ought to be easy to lose weight, when I can't afford to buy any food!!  No tea, so we're all drinking water!  I am just now having a fiber bar, with ice water, for breakfast (at 11:30am!!), and I'm going to make some coffee.  (We do still have some coffee - just no sugar or creamer!!!).  Might even take Jenny to the pool for a while today, to take a break from packing, and to get her away from her movies!!  She misses school!