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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Still Going...

(No weigh-in today) 
I decided I'm only going to weigh-in once or twice a week.
About to go exercise - pretty good yesterday, drank only water and coffee, only carbs were a small serving of rice at dinner, and the sugar in the creamer I used in my coffee in the am.  Today, good so far!  Now we'll see how I feel after an exercise video!  :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Beginning

Today's Weight - 216.1 (Up!!)
Well, at least I haven't gained back all I lost!!  I'm still down more than 11 pounds!  :)  So, now it's time to get going again - take off the eleven or so pounds I've gained back, which should be pretty easy as it's new weight, and then lose another ten, and then some more, and so on....  I can do that!  Especially since Joanna's getting married in a little less than four weeks, and if I don't take off a good bit of weight between now and then, I won't have anything to wear!!  Even if I could afford to buy something new, I would look awful in it at this weight!  So, I'm trying to drink nothing but water and coffee, cut out most carbs, and exercise most days.  At least walk!  Hopefully work up to running.  I would LOVE to try Zumba!!  I know I would love it, and I would DEFINITELY lose weight doing that!!  At least I can turn on some music and DANCE!
Well, off we go!!  :)